Let’s Get Started…

I’ve never been a very public person (I mean, I was so shy in kindergarten, I was afraid to speak), so what on earth am I doing writing a blog and putting myself out there on the big, scary inter webs?

I’ve been drawn to the camera since my parents first let me toy with their Nikon SLR. I’d commandeer it on family vacations, documenting candid moments and posing my brothers for portraits. I vividly remember when they first gifted me my own, which I still have, and it still works (yes, with film).

Photography was a hobby that I loved and dabbled in, finally taking a class in college and one or two afterwards at a local art school. I obsessively photographed my travels, and I took way too many pictures at friends’ weddings. But I never moved photography to the forefront.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Bass Harbor, Acadia National Park, Maine
Bass Harbor, Acadia National Park, Maine

Montepulciano, Italy

Montepulciano, Italy

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Now, I’m a newly appointed stay-at-home mom to our two young children. This change is driven by the desire to be a more present parent. But I want to use this time to pick up the camera more. I mean, I need something besides learning all the Annie’s mac & cheese variations and Gymboree class songs to keep my brain going. Plus, I miss the accountability and scheduling and goal setting and such from my corporate life (totally serious).

The result: An exploration of two passions–photography and my children. Our four-year-old son is devilishly smart and has the most beautiful–and entertaining–imagination. Our one-year-old daughter has absolutely no fear and makes my heart melt with her sweet hugs and calls for Mama. My amazing, driven, and incredibly supportive husband encourages me to pick up the camera more (and shares the piercing blue eyes with our kids that are so fun to photograph!). My Nikon is always at my side.


So begins my study of children–observing and discovering the wonders of the outside world, discovering what they are capable of, and navigating all the emotions that come with that growth–and my study of photography–me striving to practice and grow every day with the both camera and post-processing tools, to learn the art of portrait and lifestyle photography.

This website will capture and share that exploration. For family and friends, it’s a great way to keep up with our family and what our crazy kids are up. For my mama friends, hopefully it’ll provide some moments and feelings you can relate to. And for other camera addicts, hopefully you can learn with me 🙂


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