New Lens in the Library

I love looking at a library and envisioning how massive it must feel to a child. DC friends: Sit down on the floor with a child at the Tenleytown library, look up at the two-story high (or maybe three?) ceiling, the tall stacks of books, the floor-to-ceiling bright windows all around. So much sunlight makes the colors on the plastic-clad books just pop. To a child less than three feet tall, this library is HUGE. The possibilities are endless.


We got there one day just as it opened, before the stroller train arrived for story time. The kids have their routines: C scours the lower two shelves of each row for and pulls out the books he knows. He’s drawn to the familiar; he needs encouragement to try a new book. Then he’ll review a new book’s pictures to assess whether it’s worthy of a read-out-loud request. 


E’s mission is far simpler: Pull as many books off the shelves as possible, and then “run” (aka, toddle like a drunken sailor) through the endlessly long and tall rows. It’s like running through alleys with skyscrapers on all sides! Make friends with another little girl who thinks its fun to play chase with you. Run, fall, peer through the cracks on the shelf, and laugh when you realize mommy’s got her eye on you. Repeat. Plop down and pull more books off shelves.


Meanwhile, I’m trying a new lens. I’ve been searching for a lens for portraiture and newborn photography. Typically I stick to Nikkor, but this time I’m looking at Sigmas and Tamrons (easier on the wallet). I toyed with the Sigma 17-50 f/2.8, and while it delivered some lovely portraits, I had to get in my kids’ faces to get certain shots. I wanted a bit more zoom. Now I’ve got the Tamron 24-70 f/2.8, which I’m loooooving… the images are perfectly crisp, I can get a full scene even in tight spaces (ah, DC living), and the fixed 2.8 maximum aperture is great for low lighting, and some nice bokeh. A great lens at half the price of the new Nikkor 24-70 coming out in October = this is probably a keeper.




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