My Little Drummer Boy

I’ve quickly realized that as a stay-at-home mom, I not going to be the Pinterest type… I mean, sometimes I’ll try to get crafty. But I don’t sit still well, and I’d rather purge than collect crafting things. I’m more up for taking the kids out and about and enabling them simply to experience what’s around them.

We don’t have to go far from home. C’s been dying to go in a music store up the street. I actually hadn’t intended to go in there–we had stopped for fro-yo next door, and I caved to his sweet requests afterwards to venture in… Or more like, he convinced me with his crazy dance moves outside the storefront.

He’s stoked, and I feel pretty much like an idiot in there (C’s musicality comes from his dad, not me; I can’t even tell you which way to hold a guitar). There are so many breakable instruments, and I have two sugar-high kids. Yikes.

C stared wide-eyed at all the guitars and skipped from row to row. A salesman let him play with a ukulele (thank you, Google, for teaching me how to spell that) and then led him to the kids corner that has DRUMS. He. Loves. Drums. He makes bongos out of upside laundry baskets. He drums on the dining room table, in the carseat, on his headboard as he lies in bed. He’s told us he wants to take drum lessons. He was in heaven. Totally engaged, focused, mesmerized. He carefully studied every move he made and discovered the resulting sound on his headset (these drums are a parent’s dream–no noise). Drums, foot pedal, cymbal. Repeat. Combine.

Pretty darn cute with his tongue sticking out in fierce concentration mode.

I seized the stationary moment for camera play (albeit with E climbing in and out of my lap). I’ve been trying to shoot exclusively on manual, to focus on the exposure triangle and adjusting each setting (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) to get different results in my shots. Not easy with my fast-moving subjects–they seem to move the second I pause to readjust–so this was a rare opportunity. I could actually pause and adjust the ISO and shutter speed from my prior outdoor play.


No problem keeping him there… I eventually had to drag him out with the promise of dinner.

Also, I’m quickly learning the value of shooting in RAW. It’s amazing how you can work the exposure and make adjustments to shadows, highlights, whites, and blacks in Lightroom and Photoshop when you have a RAW image. The first shot I took was way too dark, since I hadn’t fixed the ISO and shutter speed. So here’s the straight out of the camera, and then post-processing.


I know I can go back in and fix some of the shadows on his face, but one thing at a time.


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