Toilet Trouble

This girl. She is into EVERYTHING. You turn around, and E’s got her hands in the cat water dish, she’s pulled all the folded laundry off the bed, she’s taking dirty dishes out of the dishwasher, she’s climbing the radiators… You seriously can’t take your eyes off of her for two seconds. We can barely manage her at restaurants anymore. You look up at the waiter and she grabs your water glass, then when you put one hand on that, she reaches for your silverware, and then when you move one hand to stop her from wielding a knife, she grabs the ketchup you thought was just out of reach. She’s nuts.

One of her favorite mischief spots is the downstairs bathroom. She’s constantly pulling the toilet paper off the roll, putting her hands in the toilet bowl, opening the (lidded) trash can, putting things in the toilet, and more. We can’t lock her out, because that would lock her brother out, and that would cause some major messes.

So when run stumbled in there the other day, I thought “I’ll grab my camera and catch her in the act, whatever she’s doing.” Well, this was a new one. Apparently she wanted to brush her teeth.


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