Duke Gardens

We just spent a gorgeous long weekend down in Durham, and I couldn’t resist taking the kids to Duke Gardens. I literally had to drag C away from his new Paw Patrol carrier truck, empty threats and all. But once they were outside frolicking (for real) in the gardens, they honestly loved it. There’s a lake with ducks and fish you can’t see (so says C), sticks to fend off the bad guys, and golf carts.

In our two years in Durham, I had never taken the kids’ pictures in Duke Gardens, so I took them right to the well-known and overly-photographed red bridge. Couldn’t resist.

I am really beginning to understand why most photographers promise only 20-25 images from a 2+ hour long shoot. Patience is critical, and compliance is up to the minions. But after 15 minutes, I did walk away with a few shots that make me smile.Duke Gardens 6
Duke Gardens 5

Duke Gardens 3

children playing on bridge
Duke Gardens 5

little girl playing on bridge

I’d love to learn how to use Photoshop or Lightroom to make my little subjects pop even more. A later project.

Since these represent just a sampling, and the majority included blurred limbs and crazy faces, I feel like I need to share at least one outtake.

Duke Gardens 4

Honestly, they had a blast. Those hugs at the top? Real. Though I did bribe with “grown-up” (aka, granola) bars. But… five minutes after we left the bridge the fun came to a quick end when C had to pee. Like, RIGHT away. The thought “would it be horrible to have him pee in the bushes at Duke Gardens?” ran through my head, and then it was already too late. And our trip to Duke Gardens was over.


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