Fall and Overalls

I’ve pulled my camera out a few times recently, but I haven’t really been inspired. And a nasty cold bogged me down, and it caused some runny kid noses that I don’t care to remember. Then there was a fun little bachelorette trip to New Orleans… but what happens in NOLA stays in NOLA, so no pics to share.

But, I’ve been itching to capture the gorgeous fall leaves as portrait backdrops. By our home the streets, cars, and closely-packed houses dominate the landscape (not to mention, it’s dangerous to step too far away from the kids to snap a shot, given the cars whizzing by). So I’ve been searching for clean, natural settings that have red/orange tree backgrounds.

The impending hurricane rains gave me some urgency and I threw my camera in the car yesterday in hopes of a post-music class shoot by our nearby high school. Instead, I found some gorgeous backdrops right next to C’s class, at Howard U. E and I wandered through there during his class and snapped a few shots, and then C happily (?!?) went over there with us to take more afterwards.

Here are some of the resulting pics…

A little secret/tip: In those first two shots, E’s actually sitting on my feet. She’s SUPER clingy right now and wouldn’t leave my side at first, so I sat down with my legs outstretched, sat her on my feet, and leaned back. Worked shockingly well.

And these cute overalls? They’re a hand-me-down from a VERY special friend who just moved to NC, so I LOVE having them in the pictures! 

For an impromptu shoot, I was pretty happy! The overcast skies made some gorgeous soft light. Instead of worrying about awkward face shadows, I could focus on placing my subjects and self appropriately to capture the best backgrounds. And try to prevent shooting a tree growing out of a kid’s head.

Lesson for next time: take that one step to get more of C’s face in the picture… But I still love the next image for E’s sweet expression, gazing up at her big brother.

They tired of the leaf piles so we climbed up a hill in search of the prettiest leaves, hiking sticks, and tree stumps. A mission kept C into the whole thing.

By the end, E was pretty much DONE with photos, but C sweetly said, “I have an idea, mommy. Why don’t you take a picture of me?” Maybe the threenager years are really over?? (I’ll work on his posing.)


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