Nursery Serenity

The last two days have been the type where I have a splitting headache by school drop off, and by bedtime, it’s so acute I question if I can even read books to the kids. A certain four year old has had a severe case of the defiant whiney’s as he works extra hard to get my attention (he’s admitted that’s what he’s trying to do). So there are just a lot of completely illogical conversations and explanations and negotiations that just make your brain hurt.

Given that, all I wanted to do after I got the kids down was pop two Tylenol and crawl in bed. But, it’s Friday, I haven’t posted all week, and I’m determined to do better than that. My cure for this state of mind? Pulling up my photos from a post-nap shoot in E’s nursery yesterday.

love E’s nursery. We just repainted it when we moved back here, transforming an ugly yellow office into the most serene space. Pale, pale peach walls with grey and white, plus pops of coral and light aqua. And so much sunlight… it’s a room that I just love walking into, that just calms me and reminds me how lucky we are to have this little girl in our lives.

I’ve been wanting to capture E just after napping, but usually can’t because I wait until 2:29 to pop in her room, pick her up, carry her still half-asleep and curled up in my arms to the car, and dash off to nursery school 2:45 pick up. But yesterday she napped early, giving me the perfect extra 30 minutes to play paparazzi when she woke up… She had the sweet post-nap pink flushed cheeks, slightly sweaty sticky hair, wrinkles in her dress, and her preferred stuffed animals tangled at her feet. The sunlight was beautiful, and she was rested and so happy when I came in the room.

[fair warning: picture overload…]

She was so content to be in her crib and ‘chat’ with me and look at the passing cars and leaves out the window. A shocking change from the child who used to hate her crib and took three + rounds of sleep training.

Fortunately, I still had my camera in hand after I freed her, because she climbed up on her toddler stool to turn off her bedroom light (not that it was on, but whatever). I love these moments–up on tippy toes, just barely reaching, such a big girl!

I don’t know whether it’s the Tylenol, ice cream, these pictures, or just having time to think coherently, but this was what I needed to end the day and week. And for another time: the kids in C’s room. That was our first labor of love in this house and it brings happiness for different reasons (despite how this post started out…), so more on that later.


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