Thanksgiving Recap

It’s the holiday season! Which means I’ve been busy gift shopping, house decorating, tree cutting, and more instead of blogging. Lots of Christmas-prep posts to come, but first, a little Thanksgiving recap.

With extended family together, it would seem a perfect chance for great group photos. But that would have distracted from quality family time and been child (and adult?) torture. Plus, with the kids’ different nap, happy/cranky, and well dressed/barely dressed timings, coordinating family shots was essentially impossible. Instead, I relaxed and played with the camera here and there, capturing some candid shots to remember the holiday weekend by. We….

…bonded with grandparents…


…stole our sibling’s turkey crown…


…played with swords and rumbled with cousins…


…and patiently put up with one quick photo session, literally right before half the crew hopped in the car to head back home. What you don’t see in the last three is the crew of adults behind me being totally crazy to get the kids to look towards me and smile.

20151128-KHG-638420151128-KHG-6385how beautiful is my little niece??


Full bellies, full hearts, and ready to continue the fun at Christmas.


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