FBF: Snowmaggedon 2010

I’ve been sitting here editing a newborn gallery, watching the snow fall outside, and I couldn’t help but think back to “Snowmaggedon” in Feb. 2010. Things were different for our last big DC blizzard…

  • We lived in a condo where we didn’t have to worry about shoveling our sidewalks or clearing our cars.
  • Once DC gov shut down, we completely relaxed instead of keeping two snow-hyped kids from bouncing off the walls and harming themselves (the last thing we want this weekend is a need to get stitches).
  • We worried mostly about having enough wine and beer; now, we stocked up on that, plus milk (we still have four times as much wine as milk).
  • I binge-watched crappy TV, instead of Daniel Tiger and Frozen.
  • didn’t have two little kids who were so excited to run around outside in their first real snowfall–I can’t wait to take pics all weekend!
  • And the metro was running, so I could sneak downtown to take some pics after the storm. One of my favorite photography mornings ever!

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