Wide Awake 3 Week Old // Client Newborn Session

This is a big newborn share, so here’s a peak before you read on…

Baby W on mat 4

I photographed this beautiful boy when he was three weeks young. He almost made a Christmas Day arrival, but held off til the 26th. When I arrived he was blissfully sleeping, but when we took him out of his cozy rocker he woke up and stayed awake (and happy) the whole time!! That’s nuts for a newborn to be awake three hours straight. I loved watching him gaze back at me, trying to figure out the blur of the big black camera in front of him. It’s so rare that you get that type of connection with a baby so new.

Baby W with mom on bed

Fortunately, it’s okay if the baby’s awake for a lifestyle newborn session (scenes at home, natural poses, rather than the curled up beanbag poses–which I do love, and had done for both my kids, but it’s not my approach), because you’re capturing more casual poses and the family in some of their new normal activities. This gives more flexibility on timing–if you can schedule it in the first 7-10 days, great! But the session also works well at two, three weeks from birth, and you can even gain some by delaying, as the family’s in more of a routine, mom’s recovered a bit, and they’ve gotten to know their new baby better.

Baby W and mom on bed from above

So this shoot: Baby W is a complete sweetheart, who didn’t fuss once (not even when his diaper leaked and his swaddle soaked!). His gorgeous mama is an absolute natural in front of the camera, and she was so at ease she was in her new role–it seemed so right. We enlisted his dad to help soothe him to sleep, and I love the sweet window shots of those moments… Baby W reluctantly dozed for maybe five minutes and then was awake again. He didn’t want to miss a moment! With this perfect baby, amazing parents, simple and classy color palette in their condo, and awesome natural light streaming in, this shoot was a dream. Not to mention, these are some of our dearest friends (the dad and my husband have been buddies since 7th grade!) and we are SO thrilled for them to become mom and dad to this sweet boy. Many playdates to come 🙂

Baby W on blanket

Baby W and mom on couch 2

Baby W and mom on couch 3

Baby W diaper change

Baby W with mom bw

Baby W and mom on couch

Baby W from above

Baby W sleeping

Baby W on fur

Baby W with mom sunlit

Baby W with dad 3

Baby W with dad 2

Baby W with daddy

Baby W on mat 2

Baby W on mat

Baby W on mat 3


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