We got two feet of snow here in DC last weekend, so I think that basically requires me to post snow pics, right?

Honestly, we had a great time with the blizzard. I started to believe the forecasts on Thursday and I meal planned, grocery shopped, bought firewood, pulled out the snow shovel, and surveyed our wine supply. All set! The storm started as predicted (!?!) midday Friday, and we hunkered down and even played a little during that initial snowfall. Since the power stayed on the whole time (#niceworkPepco) we just enjoyed being snowed in.

Well, one little glitch–Bellie spiked a nasty fever and had some respiratory issues Saturday afternoon, and then CJ came down with the virus the next day. My kids have amazing timing. All three of the pharmacies in walking distance were closed Saturday evening, but thankfully we keep their nebulizer and inhaler prescripts filled, and I had bought extra Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen on Friday, just in case… Four years into this mom gig I feel like I’ve learned something! So this is how we spent all day Sunday (aka, when we should have been sledding):

Snow inside 7

But we made up for it on Monday. I think Charlie and I were most excited about hitting up the Fort Reno hills for sledding, but CJ got into it.

Really all he wanted to do was build a snowman, so of course we did that. And then watched Frozen.

From a photography standpoint, I didn’t do a whole lot new with the camera, just continued shooting on Manual to get the right skin exposure despite the bright white surroundings. But, I used our two snowed-in / sick days to learn more about the proper sizing and sharpening for sharing images online, and also learned how to do watermarks. You may have noticed the more recent pics and all my galleries now upload faster, are crisper, and have the logo imprinted. I also started studying search engine optimization (SEO), but most of that is just behind-the-scenes changes… I still have several pages to update, but it’s rewarding make progress with something, in addition to keeping two kids entertained, fed, and unharmed during a long snow week.


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