On the Verge // Client 8 Month Session

Check out these cheeks!!!!

8 month sitter-11

This “sitter” session was far more than sitting. Lie on your back and play with your toes? So yesterday. Let’s roll into a push up, squirm out of mom’s lap, and lunge for dad’s hair.

Parents, do you remember how much your child was on the verge of doing at eight months?

  • Beginnings of babble — The “words” are starting to pour out. You haven’t a clue what they mean, but she has so much to say and you can’t wait to understand it.
  • About to move — Rolling over has turned into rolling across the living room floor. She inches herself forward while sitting on her tush. You put her down in the hallway, and before you know it she’s maneuvered herself to the bathroom. Time to stock up on child locks and outlet covers.
  • Awareness and attachment — This might be the most challenging… she’s becoming so aware of her surroundings and of other people that she doesn’t want to leave you. The little fingers grasping your shirt are the sweetest, but you just want to step out the door knowing your little one is happy, not listening to her scream at your departure.

That bond between this little girl and her parents was evident, and I loved observing the distinct relationship she had developed with each parent.

There was so much light in this home, with massive windows and mirrors. Wonderful for photos, and good practice for me in getting sufficient exposure on the baby’s face without blowing out the whole background. My greatest challenge with this light was that it gave a strong yellow cast in the nursery. So I did a lot of learning about how to correct color casts in post processing, and how to do this efficiently (if you’re curious, scroll to the bottom to learn what I did to correct it, and my new Lightroom friend, Presets)

Like the recent newborn session and six-month session, these guys are dear friends, with our husbands going all the way back to grade school. So I absolutely loved and was honored to have the opportunity to photograph them and their sweet baby girl.

8 month sitter-41

Post Processing Lesson Learned: Creating Presets in Lightroom.

Custom presets = my new best friend. I do my initial edits in LR and then move exported JPEGs to Photoshop for final skin tone adjustments and any fine tune edits. I made a number of slight adjustments to temperature, tint, vibrance, saturation, and yellow saturation to adjust for the strong yellow cast in the nursery. Great, now repeat for the next 20 images? Thank goodness, LR has a solution for that: While in your already edited image, go into Presets, click +, and you can create a new one that has all the adjustments you’ve made in said image. Name it as appropriate (in this case, Baby ___ Nursery). Then, on your next image, go into Presets and click on that. Voila! Then tweak, if needed, in subsequent images. SO much time saved.

Before and after (look at the furthest corner and ceiling for greatest change):


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