On the Move! // Client One-Year Session

It is absolutely amazing to stop and think about how much a child grows, develops, and learns in their first year. Our friends had a baby boom last year, so suddenly these little newborns are turning one. How did that happen?!? Here’s one of these sweet 1’s, who I just finally got the chance to photograph (thanks for the delay, Snowzilla):

Oh my goodness, did she keep me on my toes!! (maybe I was caught off guard because my kids hardly crawled at that point?) The instant we set her down in a scouted, well-lit spot, she was was off to follow her mama, chase the dog, hunt for snacks, grab fuzz on the floor, find the other side of the couch, take apart the play mat, do anything but sit still. A challenge, a bit of a workout, and SO fun. Thank goodness her mama pulled out their teething necklace — it worked like a charm to keep her in place.

Going in, I thought we’d spend most of our time in their downstairs (the windows and gorgeous colors in the living room are a photographer’s dream), but then I saw their chalkboard accent wall up in her nursery… You would think the kids had decorated it just for this session. The short, quick, clean chalk marks all over matched Miss M’s new quick moves and busyness so well.

Chatting with M’s mama during this session, I remembered the parent milestone that comes with one: Now that you’ve survived the crazy first year of no sleep, endless pediatrician check ups, nursings and bottles and new foods and unsureness about portions and spits ups and gas and… essentially, now that you’ve kept the kid alive, you get to start making plans!! Before our littles can walk on their own, we’ve decided where they’ll start nursery school, how many days per week they’ll go, what school district we want for their elementary school, trips to take them on, and more. Hey, some of us have even decided to whom our littles are betrothed.

Meanwhile, they’re blissfully digging into first cupcakes. Ah, to be one.

The post-processing scoop: This session called for playing with tone curve adjustments. The curves tool is daunting, but I’m beginning to learn and love it. It was a grey, dull day outside, and despite all the windows in the living room, the images felt flatter than what I had seen in person. Tweaking lights and darks in the tone curve had a huge image, making this little sweetheart ‘pop’ even more in each pic.


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