New Name & a Website Refresh

I’ve neglected this little blog of mine across the past four weeks, but for good reason: I’ve been immersed in a photo biz class that has been inspiring, intense, and just plain awesome. I learned and accomplished so much in those four weeks. And while most of the changes really happened behind the scenes, there are a few that I wanted to mention (and then I promise I’ll get back to regular blogging and cute kiddos!).

New name and logo!

One of the biggest changes is the new website name, URL, and logo. Some of my friends know how much I debated this, and I’ll explain some of the personal and business reasons for the change–the latter could be of interest for anyone starting their own small business.Homepage

  • Personal — I’ve always loved and been attached to my middle name, where Hollings comes from. I kept my middle rather than my maiden name when I got married, and it’s always just been part of who I am. Your biz name needs to make you happy and truly feel like you.
  • Business — It’s distinct (Google “Kate G Photography” and a million miscellaneous items pop up). It’s easy to spell (a must to easily share your URL). It rolls off the tongue, which makes it easier to remember (think referrals). And most importantly: The URL was available. Finding an available URL was one of the biggest challenges in picking a name.

New Client Image Sharing Platform

I have a new platform to share my clients’ images, and I’m so in love with this site!! It’s so user-friendly for clients to view and download their photographs, and they can share their password-protected link with family and friends. Plus, I’ve partnered with a professional lab, who I’ve been ordering from personally for years, so clients can order prints, canvases and more through this site. So easy.

You’ll see more of this adorable baby boy in my next post…

Easy-to-find Session Info

If you’re looking to book a session, you can now find information on my photography style, what a session is like, and pricing right on the website. I’ve listed out my all-inclusive digital packages, and some FAQs.

There is much more going on behind the scenes with that I won’t bore you with, and I have to go pick up C from school… so for now, enjoy the new site!!


3 Comments on “New Name & a Website Refresh

  1. Great work Kate. Love the name, the logo and the vision!! See you all soon Robin

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