Happiest Baby on the Block // Client 6-Month Session

I believe my cousin has the happiest baby boy on earth. This sweet six-month old literally woke up giggling after I arrived, and he basically didn’t stop smiling or playing through our entire session.

I’m in love with the animal prints above his changing table, which his mama smartly hung there for him to play with during changes. Diaper changing is such a challenge at this age — you blink and they start to dive off the dresser! (don’t worry, his mama was right there when we were taking those photos, positioned just a centimeter out of the frame)

For his newborn photos, we took a lot of pictures and around his crib. I love seeing, through photographs, the progression from tiny, swaddled newborn in the crib to roly-poly baby boy sitting in front of it.

As with so many mamas and babies, these two have spent much time in the rocker in his nursery. I remember setting up a tripod to take a photo of me and my firstborn in the rocker in his nursery — it was our place, and I wanted to remember it always. I love capturing that for others to have.

We also took some photos in another room we had used for their newborn session — again, the changes in just six months is astounding. Check out the smiles and rolls!!

This age really is so much fun… you can place a toy just out of reach and it’s such a game try to get it, and what victory to reach it and put it in your mouth! Such interaction and play and curiosity — it’s when so many parents remark that their child is starting to seem more like a little person than a sleepy baby. This sweet boy is a dream, and I can’t wait to continue watching him grow.

Baby boy and mama in living room - 1



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