Wedding Debut

A week ago today my ‘little’ brother got married! The weekend was an amazing whirlwind in Wilmington, NC where the charming, historic, and relaxed vibe fit the couple so perfectly. I am so lucky to call his bride my sister — she is amazing, and I couldn’t be more excited that she’s officially part of the fam.


There is so much to say about the weekend, but staying true to this blog’s core, I’ll stick to the kids. Many have asked how the kids did in their wedding debut — E was the flower girl, and CJ led the bride in. They were awesome!! E didn’t exactly toss her petals, but she made it down the aisle with me (maybe by our next family wedding in August she can make it on her own…). CJ rocked it. He was to follow me and E out with a burlap “here comes the bride” banner. He was a tad distressed before the ceremony because the bride wasn’t there (she was tucked around the corner, waiting for the groom to exit), so when she came down I asked her to give him a little pep talk, which might have been one of the sweetest moments of the day. She’s a special ed elementary school teacher, and she just has a way with children… my kids adore her, and I loved watching this moment between the three of them. In the end, he made it down the aisle just fine. He also got to walk out of the ceremony with me (E had given up and was playing with Charlie’s parents, who were amazing and helped us all weekend), and I loved that mommy-son moment.

Between being a bridesmaid, sister of the groom, and mom of two wedding party kids, I had to neglect my camera for the most part. But I did snap a few quick pics between the ‘getting ready’ and ceremony.

flower girl and nephew's banner

flower girl's and bride's dresses

Parents of the groom and grandkids

Groomsman a cappella. Because, why not? CJ had fun hanging with the guys.

Groomsman a cappella

Nephew and groomsmen

Father of the groom and his granddaughter

groom and his nephew, groomsman and his daughter

E thought the groomsmen’s matching socks were pretty awesome.

Wedding 11

Nephew being pinned

Waiting to walk down the aisle

bride waiting

bride's pep talk

And I couldn’t help but pick up the camera during my brother’s first dance with his new bride, and his dance with our mom ♥

first dance

groom and his mom


One Comment on “Wedding Debut

  1. As Mother of the Bride thank you for capturing some of the most cherished moments. E and C were wonderful and the joy and love between my daughter and her new niece and nephew were beautiful to witness! You were amazing at multitasking. Your creativity is beyond beautiful! xxoo


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