A Serious Little Fellow // 6-Month Sitter Session

Hi friends!

I’ve been snapping lots of pics but am delinquent on posting them… Instead, we’ve been celebrating Easter with family, escaping to my amazing in-law’s during CJ’s spring break, and just having some quality family time and tackling some new projects as we welcome spring.

Back to blogging. I photographed this little guy about two weeks ago…

Baby A in nursery

…and goodness, he was seriously scrutinizing me! At just six months young, you could see him questioning why I was holding this big black thing in front of him, and he always made sure he knew where his mama was in the room. I can just picture him growing up into the most responsible young man.

We did Baby A’s session in his home, which was quite sentimental because his family is moving soon. So much love and thought goes into your first baby’s nursery, and the memories of bringing your baby home for the first time are so strong… I love that we captured some keepsake photographs in this house, which they can then hang and look back on fondly in their new home. I can’t wait to hear about all the new memories they create there as Baby A goes through so many milestones of his first years!

Family at house


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