My Little Modeling My Old Dress

I’m one of the few parents who has never posted a picture of herself as a baby next to her own toddler. But my mom and I were recently browsing through my old baby dresses, and we found the sweetest Easter dress that I wore when I was two and a half. Luckily we stumbled across it just a few weeks before Easter and cherry blossom season in DC. Obviously we had to put E in it.

Breaking my rule, here are the throw back pics (pardon the iPhone-shots-of-an-album quality):

And E modeling the goose dress, decades later!

Thank goodness for cute bloomers.

I got her brother in on the photo shoot, too. Though honestly, this was one of the more challenging shoots with the two of them… there were a TON of people in this neighborhood admiring the cherry blossoms, E wanted to do anything but stand still for the camera (in fact, she preferred be a frog, as you’ll see below), and technically you’re not supposed to go on people’s yards. I’m not terribly fond of street shots, but we played anyways.

Oh, and E likes to destroy flowers (don’t worry, the one they picked is from my parents’ yard… we did no damage to neighbors’ property).

Happy spring, friends!!



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