Focusing on Baby // Client Newborn Session

In this client’s household, baby makes five! And he’s the THIRD boy 🙂 But for his session, we focused just on him. His older brothers were at school, his dad at work, and even his furry doggy siblings were at the grandparents. The goal was to take some simple shots for birth announcements, so that’s what we did.

Newborn boy portrait


This little guy resisted sleep during his session, but that meant we got to capture his eyes (remember when it’s so early, you don’t know what color they’re going to be?), and a few sleepy yawns. When they’re so little a yawn means their whole body gets in on the action, legs scrunching, hands fisting… it’s a lot of work to fight sleep when you’re only eight days old!

I loved catching up with his mama, who I know from high school and hadn’t seen in years, and I am so impressed with how calm and collected she is as she juggles the dozens of balls her family has up in the air right now after baby’s arrival. Her little boy is totally smitten with her, and he really only wanted to be in her arms. Again, so appropriate that this session was just with mama and baby.

He finally gave into sleep just before I was about to leave, and I’d wanted to take a few shots on their family pass-down quilt… so we snuck in just a few more. It was the perfect sweet ending to this session.


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