Daily life: Bathtime

Everyone in DC is so tired of rain. Kids want to be on playgrounds, parents want their kids out of the house, commuters want a dry walk to the Metro, and so on. I want E to stop insisting she carry her brumbrella everywhere and CJ to stop complaining that he wants to wear his rain boots but he his boots are itchy without socks (problematic both with and without socks. ??).

When photography’s your hobby, you patiently wait out the winter months — the cold temps, shorter days, scarce sunlight, runny noses — and count down the days until spring. And now, 13 straight days of rain? After months of holding out for May weather, it’s just uninspiring.

BTW, re uninspiring: I’m just talking about photographing my clan in my house. Photo sessions for other families never get old, no matter the season! I love getting to know the family, exploring their home for the best scenes and pockets of light, the challenge of gaining children’s trust and putting them at ease… those things keep client sessions fun and new.

I made a pledge last weekend to get back to photographing my own kids again. Mother’s Day marketing (is overwhelming and annoyingly commercializes the holiday, but nevertheless) emphasizes reflection and gratitude for your everyday life with your fam. Okay, point taken. I need to remember to step back and capture that on camera.

E climbing her cribAnd when that happens, whaddya know? You catch Miss Trouble up to no good! 

Luckily on Monday we got some nice afternoon sun during the kids’ bath time. Our current routine is to bathe after school, before dinner, because the kids are so overtired / worked up / disastrous by bedtime (and I’m just as worn out). Late afternoon made for a pleasantly light time to take photos.

Kids in bath

E pouring water

Sopping wet at bath time

CJ with mirror

I don’t usually do black & white, but this was a great op to play with those conversions. I loved how the b&w just accentuated their wet hair and eyelashes against the bathtub and light walls. And then, Captain America pjs and a cowboy hat (I had nothing to do with that, all E’s idea).

CJ putting on pj's

pajama time

pajamas and cowboy hats

Capt America reading

storytime for cowboys

sibling storytime

My kids look so peaceful and calm in these photos… ha! That’s because I frequently set aside the camera to mediate. So what you don’t see is all the water coming out of the tub when E doesn’t aim well, CJ pissed that his mohawk hair isn’t standing up (hence his mirror check), or E ripping the book out of CJ’s lap when he refuses to “read” the book out loud. And then some totally illogical four-year-old tantrum. Just wanted to make sure y’all didn’t think things were this picture perfect in our house 🙂


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