Sweet Family of Four // 3-Week Old & Family Photo Session

I love, love, love this family! I’ve mentioned that we spent two years in Durham, North Carolina, and I definitely left a piece of my heart down there… that’s largely because of the amazing “Fuqua Families” we met through Duke’s b-school program. What an awesome, diverse, fun, and good-hearted group of people… it was so hard when we all went our separate ways!

There was one family in particular — we met when our hubbies were interviewing, and the wife and I just hit it off right away. I kept hoping that if Charlie got into Fuqua, they would too, and also decide to go. You can guess where the story’s going — we all ended up in Durham, it was just meant to be. The mama and I were pregnant with our daughters together, born a few months apart during our first year in Durham. Together we went through the ups and downs of the newborn stage, managing summer internships with young babies, and passed all our girls’ first year milestones together before moving to different states upon graduation.

This amazing fam just had their second little girl, and I was so excited to meet her and see them again!! Fortunately for us (though a challenge for them), they moved closer to us for a temporary job rotation right before having baby. They are such champs for doing a new baby in a new city, with a two-year old to boot! The mama went with classic whites and jeans, which really worked with the white, neutral palate in their temp housing. I love how it brings the focus really in on their faces and baby, and their blue eyes and two-year old’s bright bow just pop!

Enough words, here are some of the photos from this session…

Family of four - 1

Family of four - 2

(those two shots pretty much sum up life as you know it with a newborn and two-year old…)

Family of four - 3

Family of four - 5

We made our trip to see them when baby was just over three weeks old, which honestly was so fun because we got to see some great little expressions (smiles!) and her beautiful eyes (which look like they might also be blue!!).

Newborn yawn

Newborn giggle

Newborn and mama


We did finally wear her out… I love sleepy baby shots.

Parents and newborn

Baby girl

Baby girl swaddled

Baby girl and mama

Could big sis be any cuter? She was so fun in front of the camera. And check out those lashes and beautiful big eyes!

Big sister


Mama and two year old


So, so many congrats to this beautiful family of four!

Family of four - 4

And some Photoshop / Lightroom notes from this session:

  • My favorite PS tool for this session was creating a Levels layer and then adding a Multiply mask, which I could use to lighten the subjects but leave the background a little darker. With the light, empty walls, it was the perfect tool to help make the subjects pop a little more and bring your focus in on them.
  • I’ve been playing back and forth with watermarking in PS vs LR. In PS, I can place the watermark exactly where I want it, but I do each one by hand, and then also manually size down, sharpen for web, etc. When you love a session and have 50 photos, that takes a long time! So this time I brought the edited images back into LR and used its simple export function to do all that in one step. The watermark is in the same place on each one, but it worked well for this neutral colored session, and I could get the pics to the family sooner 🙂

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