Hello, Summer!!

With such a crappy May, the school year end and summer start totally snuck up on me — anyone else?? Rain, rain went away, and now it’s time for summer play!


Ah, sibling love. CJ hates when others splash him, but loves to splash his sister. She’s going to get him back SO badly one day.

Our summertime started off with a (typical) bang: CJ came down with a virus that made him miss his last day of nursery school and their big ‘Spring Sing.’ It absolutely broke my heart — we were up the night before treating his sudden fever, and once it broke and he was a bit more coherent, he said “Do I still get to go to school tomorrow? I get to be yellow in the rainbow!” By the next morning, it was back up, way up to 105 degrees (a new record for our kids), and fortunately or unfortunately he was so out of it he didn’t think to ask about school. After a pediatrician visit and ‘OK’, we set his sites on the next awesome part of the day: Going to the Bay.

The Chesapeake Bay, to my parents’ place in Cambridge, The Haven. It was the perfect weekend escape. Lazy mornings, boat rides, picking crabs, watching rain from porch, farmers market visits, water play, setting crab traps, and more… A highlight was an awesome blue and white tent their Grammy picked up at Target. Grammy’s cool like that.








This is our first summer where the two kids are really old enough to play together — that wonderful imaginary play where they invite each other into their worlds, barking orders and following commands like it’s their job. 20160529-KHG-4133






We went to our beloved Emily’s Farmers Market at least once a day. I could easily live off of Emily’s produce and food alone. We finished our weekend picking fresh strawberries on our way out of town… I can’t wait to go back.






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