My Little Monkey Playing on the Bed

It’s officially summer and it’s hard to find time to blog, friends! But I want to share this session with you:


What’s keeping me from the blog? It’s my first summer home with the kids, and there is SO much I want to do. I’m picking up the camera a LOT, but I’m just not making the time to sit in front of my computer to download, edit, and blog. Instead, we’re swimming, hitting up the playground, splashing in the water table on the front porch, having playdates, exploring JumpIt classes… and forcing the occasional nap in the afternoon by putting them in the car and finding some semi-unnecessary errand to do way out Rockville Pike.

The other reason is less fun: My kids are at each others’ throats these days. They love each other for about two seconds and then hit, cry, shout, or whatever to piss the other one off and get my attention. If I sit at my computer, they up the ante, and I have to go back to mediator mode.

That’s summer mode and mood in a nutshell. I did make time for a blissful and incredibly fun little photo session with E last weekend. I’d wanted to do this for a while, I just needed a big bed with white sheets and lots of natural light. My parents’ bay house provided just that, so I asked E to help me change the sheets. She’s a pretty awesome helper.













Tips to try this at home:

  • Take LOTS of shots, rapid fire. When playing they move so, so quickly and the expressions change in a millisecond.
  • Try a prop. E loves to look at the camera right after she hears the shutter click, so I needed a distraction. Her best buddy bunny was just what I needed.
  • Try different corners of the bed. I realized the lighting really differed from one side to another, and I found my favorite side. Keeping E over there was another challenge, but I at least had a goal.
  • Mind the details you can control. I have only so much control over E, but you can smooth the bottom sheets and pull your own feet out of the pictures.
  • Take breaks. I needed to stop and see what the resulting images looked like, to figure out which spots I liked most. Easy enough: Your subject will be happy to jump on the bed while you do that.
  • Just have fun!! This was one of those times that made E love playing with the camera with me, which will lend to more compliance in front of it later…

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