Sweet 12-Day Old Baby Brother // Client Newborn Session

Newborn Baby L - 1One of the big fears when having Baby #2 is, how will big sister or brother react? Sweet Baby L has the most adorable big sister, and she is already such a doting big sister. I absolutely loved watching the new family dynamic in this newborn session. Big Sis loves her baby brother and her new role, but her parents are also so on top of making sure Big Sis still feels loved. [At the end of this post, you can read how well (riiiiiiiight….) the transition went in our house when E entered our world]

Newborn Baby L and Big Sister

This family was at ease as a family of four already, it just seemed so natural–hard to believe it was only 12 days since Baby L had joined them. New routines were well in place, mom and dad knew all of of L’s tiny newborn cues, and they knew exactly how to keep Big Sis happy and engaged even with the new addition.

Not to mention, they have amazing style and I loved taking pictures in their house! We just relaxed and hung out to get their new life as they know it.  I especially seeing mom and baby in the arm chair where they spend so much time to feed him. Here are a few peaks from their session:

Newborn Baby L - 2

Newborn Baby L - 3

Newborn Baby L and Mama - 1


Newborn Baby L and Mama - 2

Baby L, Big Sis, and Mama

Big Sis and Baby L

Parents with Newborn

Daddy with Baby L

Daddy and Baby

Big Sis and Fam

New Family of Four

Big Sister

May all big siblings be as awesome as this little girl!

For those who are anticipating a new sibling, or who are just curious, here’s how things went when E joined our family:

A new sibling joins our fam… 

Basically, CJ ignored her, and he despised me. He wouldn’t speak to me, hardly acknowledged me. He was clearly hurt he was that I was paying attention to this new little thing, but didn’t really understand his feelings at just 2 and 1/2 years old.

One of the highlights was when he was serving everyone coffee from his play kitchen. Grammy asked him if he would bring Mommy some. He looked at me and said, “No, it’s burnt.”

This stung, but I tried to find the silver lining. I needed to spend so much time with the newborn nursing, so it was okay that he only wanted to hang with grandparents and daddy. And we were fortunate that both sets of grandparents are amazing and took turns staying with us in North Carolina, giving CJ all the attention he craved.

To his credit, a new little baby is pretty boring and useless to a two year old. When we called after his new sister arrived (he couldn’t go to the hospital, being flu season), he really didn’t care and immediately started talking about trucks instead.

Things that went well:

  • Keeping routine — He continued to go to nursery school / daycare, and that world didn’t change at all for him.
  • Heightened attention from others — Not just the grandparents, but Daddy focusing on him was key.
  • Moving into “big boy” room before baby — Baby sister didn’t take his room or crib, because he went with us to pick out his big boy bed and we made him a new room before she arrived. He was so excited about it and adjusted before she ever went in the nursery a few months later.

I know every big sister/brother is different, but that’s what worked for us. The first six to eight weeks with a newborn are an exhausted blur, and somewhere in that timeframe he came around and started acknowledging me and admitting (in his two year old way) that he still wanted to be my boy.


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