Summer Summer Summertime

This is my first summer as a full-time mom, and I haven’t had so much outdoor time since college. Summer is flying by, with days and weekends filled with camp runs, swim lessons, birthday parties, family gatherings, weekend trips to watering holes, and prep for our next sibling wedding (six weeks away!!). This is our first weekend at home in weeks, and I’m loving the downtime to catch up a bit (though I’ll pay for it later… the kids are turning our living room into an obstacle course while I type).

Our daily schedule doesn’t lend itself well to optimal summer shooting: Sunset is about an hour past bedtime, and our four-year-old isn’t exactly a morning person. And I’ve been more focused on letting the kids enjoy summer than composing photo shoots. So I’m playing with my camera in strong daylight and making the best of the bright colors and high contrast, which at least works well for b&w conversion.

Here’s a glimpse at our last few weeks of summer…


Park water play


Bubble play

Front porch water play

On the shore

Picking crabs

Wagon with grandaddy at sunset

Bathroom reading


Water play b&w

Strawberry picking with grams

Strawberry picking with Papa

Strawberry picking sneaks

Cousins on the beach

Cousins on the beach



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