Making Time for Milestone Photos // One-year Session

You know those times where it seems like everything hits ALL. AT. ONCE.??

Work picks up, one child is sick, another child is teething, no one is sleeping, unexpected house problem = finding and being home with a contractor, long-awaited family events happen, friends are popping out babies and you’ve got showers every other weekend, work travel comes up, child care falls through, and now someone else is sick… Wait, isn’t it summer? Aren’t you supposed to be going to the pool and having blissful backyard bbq’s a la Real Simple magazine?

Okay, maybe that’s how my summer feels and all y’all are having the bbq’s. But you’ve been there at some point.

Those are the times where it’s hardest to take a step back, hit ‘pause’, and fit in a photo shoot. But, while it may be so challenging, those crazy times are when it’s most valuable. That absolutely hit me when taking these one-year photos last month. When time is especially fleeting and hectic, you need to capture it! Before you know it, this sweet one-year old girl will be hitting the two’s, no longer even qualified for ‘toddler’ status, and you’re going to wish you could go back in time and savor those one-year moments. And you can 🙂

one year girl

Thank you to the P family for making time for these sweet one-year pictures. She’s changed so much in six months… As has the setting – how special to take these first pictures in their new home! I love this fam and the little girl to pieces and I’m so happy to have captured her at this milestone 🙂

Now we can take a deep breath, just scroll through the pictures, and savor… and be grateful for all the blessings amidst the craziness.

One year girl - walkingone year girl - in nurseryone year girl - crib portraitone year girl - family photobig sis and famone year girl - with big sisterone year girl - with big sister 2big sisterone year girl - in cribone year girl - readingone year girl - reading with mamaone year girl - on the move


One Comment on “Making Time for Milestone Photos // One-year Session

  1. Kate.,
    These photos are incredible. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought your subjects had all the time in the world to spend in front of the camera. Your talent speaks for itself!
    Mrs. Mintzer


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