Brotherly Balancing Act // Client 6 Month Session

When doing a photo shoot with two young siblings, I sometimes feel like I’m doing a little dance between the two of them. First you approach one, gain his comfort and trust, get to know him, show him you think he’s special (and for a two-year old, show that you know you’re on his turf). Then meet the other, do the same little dance… Granted, it’s far simpler with a six-month old, which is pretty much the happiest age. Then bring them into a dance together, usually letting the older one think he’s leading everyone else, though really you’re staging and arranging it. Each one might step in and out of it occasionally (and it might require a few laps around the yard for a two-year old), but you go with their flow and when their ready, get them back into the swing of things.

I loved doing the dance with these two brothers and their parents. The boys’ distinct personalities are clear already, even at such a young age, and the strong bond across the whole family was just so evident. Here’s a peak at their session… S Family, thank you for welcoming me into your home to capture your sweet crew!


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