One Year Old and ALL Boy // Client 1-Year Session

I’m always amazed at how early on, and with no gender-specific encouragement from parents, some young children start to act ‘boy’ or ‘girl.’ Right now my two-year old is obsessed with Frozen, dancing like a ballerina, her tutus, and her baby doll. I’ve never encouraged her toward any of these things. And we have TONS of boy stuff around the house, since she has an older brother. She just naturally gravitates toward these girly items.

Meanwhile, this little boy spent his one year shoot eating dirt and making the ‘brrrrr…. brrrr…. brrrr….’ car driving noise with the precious Hot Wheel he managed to sneak home from a buddy’s house.

One year boy - 6

He’s just so boy!! And again, his parents haven’t pushed this on him, it’s just nature. He found that car and is obsessed with it. I loved seeing how his parents just let him explore the backyard — he happily looked for sticks, played with flower pots, figured out the best way to tumble or scoot up and down the hill… he was into everything and you could see him soaking in his surroundings.

One year boy - 1

And he’s still the happiest kid ever!! He showed that in his six month shoot and was the sweetest newborn… I love returning and documenting a family in the same setting — with the crib, rocking chair, the whole nursery — so you have that context to see the child’s growth and how the family’s changed with their addition. Thank you, H Family, for inviting me back in again 🙂

One year boy - 2One year boy - 3One year boy - 4One year boy - 5One year boy - 7One year boy - 8One year boy - 9One year boy - 10One year boy - 11


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