Giggles, smiles, & sunshine // Family of Four Photo Session

I love my job for many reasons, one being that I get to meet fun local families and spend a few hours hanging out with them while I snap away with my camera. This family was so great! From neighborhood real estate to favorite local eats, from parenting joys and challenges to nursery schools, we chatted two hours away so quickly! And had fun for all taking photos 🙂

I have to mention that this Mom and Dad did an incredible job getting their 3 year old daughter excited for the shoot. When I arrived, we hung out in her playroom for a bit, ate some plastic food, and made some paintings to warm up. She was completely at ease by the time we did the family shots — and safe to say feeling pretty confident, as she got sassy poking dad with leaves. Too fun!

Family of four giggles

Family of four

Family of four kisses

We debated where to do the shoot — would their daughter be better off outside somewhere, or easier at home with a four month old? The home setting worked wonderfully! She was in her element, and she could go play out back when we switched up to get some sweet solos of her baby brother… And how fun to have their home faintly in the background to look back on years from now?

4 months old

Baby toes

Mama and son

Daddy and son

3 years old

3 year old artist



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