Life with Boys // Client Family Photo Shoot

I have such admiration for moms of two boys. All kid are busy busy busy. But with a pair of boys, the two feed off each other to create such a high level of energy. They keep you constantly on your toes… You might as well invest in a pair of running shoes, and you can just skip the arms workout at the gym, since you’re constantly reaching for, lifting, swinging, hugging, and holding down the speedy little guys. (I of course admire the dads, too! But there is something different about a being the only lady in the house with all guys)

These two boys were high energy, but it made our session so dynamic, fun, and fast-paced… It flew by! And in that whirlwind we succeeded in getting a shot of the two boys both looking at, standing still for, and smiling at the camera–phew!

And I’ve got to mention, I love how Mom dressed the fam — the awesome pop of mustard yellow in her jacket, with the like accents on each of the boys… I was definitely asking where she got the boys’ cute sweaters so I could do some like shopping for our next family photo session 🙂

P Family-1

P Family-2

P Family-3

P Family-5

P Family-6

P Family-7


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