Family of Five // Fall Client Session

This family session was the most happy, refreshing way to spend an early morning. Easy for me to say – I was the photographer, so I didn’t have to get any kids ready! But the relaxed park setting, the crisp fall air, and the nicest family with such sweet kids just made this session pure joy.  The shot below says it all and might be my new favorite client photo. Their smiles!! (the secret: their parents making faces right behind me)

Family of Five - 1

One reason this really spoke to me is because it was photographing a family of five – a preview of our soon-to-be family life! I loved watching the dynamics between the siblings, the roles each child played all together and how they acted differently solo.

I hope our oldest can be as mature and helpful when he’s six years old… this oldest daughter was ready to be signed up for babysitting. I loved getting some one-on-one time with the middle child, as she just opened up and gave me the most beautiful looks and smiles. And the one and a half year old was just a chill dude who, as he should at that age, liked to move when set free. But with an embrace from mom, dad, or sister, he stayed put. He knew the safety in their touch.

Family of Five - 2

Family of Five - 3

Family of Five - 4

Family of Five - 5

Family of Five - 6

Family of Five - 10

A few last notes: I love the color palette they choose for their clothes. Everyone was different but cohesive and it just plain worked. And mom brought THE best snack for the kids – fruit gummies. As enticing as candy and not a bit messy. I’m recommending that to all my clients from here on out.

Family of Five - 7

Family of Five - 8

Family of Five - 9


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