2017 Goals

I’m nearing the end of my maternity leave. While I wasn’t blogging or doing client shoots these past seven weeks, I couldn’t keep work entirely off my brain. During middle-of-the-night nursing sessions when it’s just me, a baby, and my phone (aka notepad), I can think and write about my year ahead and what I want to achieve. It’s far easier at night, because when the sun comes up the chaos of life with three returns…

To hold myself accountable to my goals, I’m sharing them here. I won’t share my monthly and weekly breakdowns, but I’ve broken the goals into attainable, actionable chunks and written them in my calendar — a true work plan, not just an aspirational list taped to my computer monitor. I’m such a visual person, so yes, I use a paper calendar, and I spend an inordinate amount of time each year finding the right one… This year I ultimately went with this Paper Source one.


I prefer weekly layouts, to see the balance across the week for me and the kids. With the vertical daily display, and I can section off the bottom across each week for business. That’s where I’ve written out my action steps to reach my goals. I’ve written out weekly to-do’s through February, and every two months I’ll re-evaluate the overall goals and adjust as necessary. Since this is my first year with three kids, I anticipate needing to be flexible…

With that, here are my 2017 goals. And a few recent pics thrown in for anyone who chooses to keep reading!

1. Technical development – In camera: Master selecting white balance in camera

I’ve learned this, but I typically resort to auto and correct it afterwards. I need to stop doing so, re-learn how to set it in camera and make it second nature.

2. Technical development – Post processing: Take advantage of efficiencies

I edit entirely by hand, and there are ways to expedite this. I don’t use actions nearly as much as I should. I intend to create at least one action at the outset of each client’s session editing to use across the like images in that set. Ideally, I’ll create some actions that I can use across my work, too. I have SO MANY photos of our Littlest One to edit…Littlest One Feet

3. Creative photography development: Do a 52 project.

I’ve been turned off from doing a 365 project because I don’t have sufficient control over my daily life right now. Realistically, there are days where it feels huge to get us all dressed and fed; the camera just isn’t happening. But with a 52 week project, you have time to think about the prompt and several days to shoot it. I can shoot, critique, reshoot, and learn more, rather than just checking a daily box. I’ll be following this 52 Week Challenge from one of my favorite photographers (who did our newborn photos, which I’m so in love with!!!).img_3729

4. Business growth: Expand product offering to clients

This comes with having more space… because I physically need space to order and store samples, plus order products and ship them out to clients. So I’ve slotted this for later in the year, with some product trials in Q1 and Q2. We love our little house, but with five we just don’t fit. I’ll be stalking Redfin in my free time.20161028-khg-0127-2

5. For fun: Learn how to make video compilations 

I started taking video clips of LO in the hospital, and now need to do something with them! I took this breakout session through Click University and dabbled in taking videos. Now I need to tackle editing and compilation. I can’t wait to see what I can do with her newborn videos, and then the whole fam moving forward.

6. The personal goal: Print my own photos more 

There are so many great options for printing photo books! I try to do them for family members, and I need to make them for myself as well (and catch up for family…). I intend to start an annual family album, or break it into two per year.Toddler and trees

7. The boring goal: Clean up the computer.

I need to cull what’s on my computer, convert the RAW files to JPEGs and delete a ton. This requires coffee.

8. The lofty goal: overhaul my site. 

I only get to do this if business permits, and it’s slotted for Q4… My current site works, but I’d love to take both the site and blog format to the next level. This means purchasing a site template that speaks to me and my style more.Lights

If you’re still with me here – wow, thanks for reading! Cheers to 2017 happy goal-setting!


One Comment on “2017 Goals

  1. Good luck!

    On Sun, Jan 1, 2017 at 12:55 PM, kate hollings photography wrote:

    > katehollingsphotography posted: “I’m nearing the end of my maternity > leave. While I wasn’t blogging or doing client shoots these past seven > weeks, I couldn’t keep work entirely off my brain. During > middle-of-the-night nursing sessions when it’s just me, a baby, and my > phone (aka notepad)” >


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