Gratitude & A Pretty Card

This card says it all, so I’ll keep my text limited and just share pics instead… many, many thanks to my wonderful clients from 2016 – y’all were all amazing and such a joy to photograph! And thank you as well to my friends and family who supported and encouraged me in this business. I’m a lucky girl, mom, wife, and photographer.

(and if you’re curious, sharing a bit at the bottom about making this card)

Card 1Card 2Card 3Card 4Card 5Card 6Card 7

Holidays + new baby = crazy and exhausted December, but I was determined to make this card. I considered doing it a gift to myself. I crowdsourced at Click to learn of different vendors for card templates. I ultimately chose this one from Jamie Schultz Designs. Now I’m hooked and want to try more of her products for my clients… Anyways, download design, select some of my favorite images, put them all together in Photoshop, and voila! Card done. Printing done by Bay Photo, whose quality and fast turnaround time are just stellar.


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