Littlest One – Two Months Old

We blinked and two months went by!

Baby girl, two months old 1

With the holidays, this felt like such a whirlwind month, yet some days — and especially nights — were so long…

Weeks 6-8 were the hardest with our first two kids, and again with Littlest One. Some reasons why:

  • Sleep deprivation has built up — Six weeks where the biggest chunk of sleep you’ve had is just three hours = utterly exhausting. LO has been our worst sleeper for sure, between tummy troubles and erratic and frequent nursing. I was so, so tired this month.
  • You’re navigating whatever curve balls baby’s throwing at you — First cold, gassiness, flipping days and nights, etc… LO handled her first cold like a champ, and amazingly only got one cold, even though her big sis has been sick constantly since she was born.
  • The six week growth spurt — LO did this on Christmas Eve, where she’s hungry every two hours for 24 hours. So 1) you can’t get anything done because you’re constantly nursing her and 2) you barely sleep. And then the developmental change that goes with it — suddenly more aware, noticing and stimulated by everything. Therefore very easily disturbed, and not wanting to sleep. Amazing to watch, just tiring.
  • You’re trying to get back to a daily routine when the infant has no routine — This is incredibly hard when you’re a stay at home mom, because you really don’t have maternity leave. Week 3, when dad went back to work, we were back to setting an alarm and getting two kids up and ready for school, to school, picking up from school, going to weekly activities, etc… But all the while, you never know when baby need to eat, how much sleep you’ll get, when you’ll have to hit ‘pause’ for a poopy diaper, or when you’ll have to spend the entire time the big kids are at school rocking a gassy baby.
  • Back to work — Now this one, we are so fortunate that Charlie’s company has a phenomenal paternity leave policy. He can take six weeks in the first six months, so he took two weeks when LO was born, and then another two over the holidays when the kids were off school (and we’ve saved two weeks for the inevitable winter sick stretch). Those later two weeks would have been very challenging solo. There were days I had slept so little, it probably wouldn’t have been safe for me to drive a car. He helped facilitate rest for me, and most importantly, took care of the older two: handled their nighttime shenanigans, took them out during the day, and made them feel loved despite the new intruder.

Yeah, this one. At least she’s cute, we keep saying.

Baby girl, two months old - 2


While exhausting, this time is amazing — She’s so sweet and cuddly, and she still curls up in a tiny ball against you. But she’s becoming aware of her surroundings, of what she can do, and of us! She’s alert, loving watching her siblings, and she’s started smiling and cooing. She gave out her first smile late one night, when I’d asked for a daddy hand off… she gave him the biggest grin, which he of course couldn’t turn down.

Her frequent feedings are paying off: She’s super healthy and gaining weight like a champ, and at eight weeks she slept for an eight hour stretch. Thank God!! But she’s still little enough that I can baby-wear her comfortably, and I love having her snuggled up against me.

She happily complied for some photos yesterday on her two-month birthday. Two months in and we couldn’t love this sweet babe more…

Baby girl, two months old - 3

Baby girl, two months old - 4

Baby girl, two months old - 6

Baby girl, two months old

I had to strip her and take some shots of her teeny tiny toes… they’re pretty much the cutest thing on earth right now.

Baby girl toes

Baby girl toes 2



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