Baby Makes Three // Client Newborn Session

I was so excited — and, admittedly, nervous — for my first photo session after maternity leave. After eight weeks of cuddling my own newborn, I felt more comfortable than ever with a new baby. Those tiny first squirms, curls, and yawns… the awe of every new movement were all so fresh on my mind… I couldn’t wait to capture that for another family. But eight weeks away from the routine of packing my equipment, checking the camera settings, and simply getting in the grove in a session?

 I had no reason to be nervous with this sweet family. They were so relaxed, so delighted to be home with their sweet boy (who was a gender surprise – love!!), and in awe of their precious new baby. I loved chatting with them as much as taking the pictures. And especially so soon after having a baby, it was great (curative, even?) to connect and talk about our experiences.

Newborn boy yawns

 What struck me most during this session is how unique each birth experience is, and what strength new parents find to navigate all the challenges that come in the hospital and the first days home. You can listen to all your friends’ stories of their babies’ arrivals, and read every birth story on parent blogs and forums, but yours will be different. Nothing can fully prepare you for it. You strive to be as informed as possible, but comfortable with the unexpected. You find a level of willpower, toughness, and determination from deep within, surpassing what you realized you were capable of. You draw strength from your partner, teeter tottering between relying on and supporting your other half to climb this steep learning curve.

Clearly I thought these new parents were rockstars, and I was so impressed at how gracefully they were navigating the new world of parenting. Their love for each other and their sweet baby boy was simply beautiful, and I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to capture it on camera! I couldn’t have asked for a better first session since leave.

Newborn boy awakeNewborn boy & mamanew family of threeNewborn boy in daddy's handsNew family of threeNewborn boy in mama's armsNewborn boy toesBaby boy & giraffesNewborn boy in cribNewborn boy, B&W



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