Cupcakes with Grammy

When it comes to grandparents, my kids hit the jackpot. They have four grandparents who are engaged, playful, energetic, caring, and who love them to pieces.

Last week for E’s birthday, my mom asked if the kids could make cupcakes with her. An afternoon of entertainment at Grammy’s house? And real cupcakes? Even with kid-assisted baking, they would definitely be yummier than store-bought ones from Giant (Don’t judge. I have an 11 week old. I’ve realized my limits right now).


Plus, my friends and family know that I am always seeking experiences over material things for my children. And that’s not just me trying to reduce ‘stuff’ in my house — they love doing special things with special people, and they’ll talk about those activities for weeks after and reenact them in our living room. They’ve flown to California on our living room couch at least 50 times since August. At least.


Back to cupcakes. My mom was so prepared, I felt like we were on a cooking channel show just for kids. When we arrived, one batch of cupcakes was already cooked and tucked away. She had all the ingredients for the next batch ready to tackle, the oven pre-heated. They quickly got to work mixing, and then she let them own pouring the mix into cupcake tins. No fear of mess, no care if the cupcakes were perfectly shaped or even, and the kids loved it. Once in the oven, she pulled out the cooked and cooled cupcakes, icing she’d already made, and decorations prepped in tiny bowls, and they started frosting. They worked away while the other batch cooked and cooled, took a break to eat one cupcake each, and then got to work on the next set. There was definitely consumption of toppings (they had to determine if the pink things were skittles or chocolate), and a lot of hand-washing every time they tried to sample. Two hours on a Friday afternoon have never flown by so quickly.











A few last notes:

  1. Feel free to share this with your parents to inspire some afternoon cupcake baking 🙂  My kids are already asking about making a Valentine’s Day cake.
  2. Reality check: I didn’t intend to have my camera. But on the way from pick up to Grammy’s E peed her pants in the car, so we had to go back home and get a full change. I figured since I was there I would grab it. Just thought some of y’all may be able to relate to that…
  3. And a shameless plug: I’m SO happy I did have my camera, because these are the types of pictures that will help keep the memories alive for my children, and we’ll all look back on so fondly years from now. So if you want pics like this of your children with your parents, call me — I’d love to capture this for others!!

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