Sister, Sister

Sisters 1Do all little girls dream of having a sister?

Before Littlest One was born, we asked the kids what they thought baby was – a girl or boy? Belle said girl, because she wanted a sister. We chalked that up to her being just two and copying (and contesting) her brother, who said boy because he wanted a brother. But now I wonder if she knew what she was talking about, because boy, does she love her sister.

Since it was November and Belle was in her first year at a new school, she was a snotty mess for most of LO’s first months, so we limited her interaction with the baby. But on those few times we let her hold her, it was heart melting…Sisters 2I worried about Belle’s reaction to the new baby — she’s a mama’s girl, and I anticipated it would be rough for her to see me with a baby attached 24/7. Daddy to the rescue — he made sure Belle felt loved and just swallowed her in his embrace when the baby arrived. And I believe she also pulled herself through with her love for her sister.Sisters 3Now, she starts every day with, “I want to say hi to baby…” bumbling over to say “hi” and give her a kiss. Belle takes the shortest route from A to B, so this means she’ll bulldoze over a sleeping parent, bust through a closed door, step on whatever toys are in her path to get to her sister. So don’t get in her way and if you are, watch your coffee. She stops and repeats her “I want to say hi to baby…” routine at least a dozen times a day.Sisters 4And whenever I pull out the camera to take a photo of LO, Belle wants to be right there with her. She climbs right in the crib to talk to LO, or she pulls out a book and plays it cool alongside her. But she’s always keeping a pulse check on her baby sister. The photos I have of the two girls are hardly a cohesive set, as they’re taken haphazardly when I have a moment when we’re actually at home and neither is eating or sleeping or tantruming. But they show life as I know it with my two girls. I guess haphazard is the way it should be with three kids?Sisters 5I think most little girls who don’t have a sister romanticize the idea — the matching outfits, sharing a room (or maybe even bunk beds?), proudly showing your little sis around in the game of life… Heck, Ann M. Martin even makes the dream come true in the Babysitter Club for Mary Anne and Dawn! I’m so grateful we have this “in life for real”, as CJ would put it, for our two girls. And when they’re teenagers, I’ll be able to pull out these photos and show them they used to get along…


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