Littlest One – Three Months Old

Littlest One is three months old! Okay, so she’s three and a half months now, but I did take photos of her at that milestone, I’m just late in posting them.



So what’s of note in month 3?

  • She’s a daddy’s girl! Goodness, she gives him all the smiles and just chats away with him. I love when Charlie gets home, because I get to watch her light up and just start cooing away. It’s pretty much the sweetest thing in the world.
  • She knows her big sibs, and keeps her eye on them… you can see her tracking her brother when he’s talking, and she gives him some pretty sweet smiles. LO’s a bit more wary of her sister, I think because of the smothering love Belle has for her. Notice how she kind of crashed the photo shoot…



  • Tummy time, tummy time, and more tummy time. We’re working to strengthen this girl’s neck and get her off the back of her head as much as possible. Fortunately, she started to tolerate tummy time by the end of month 3.


  • Ready, set, play! We broke out the storage boxes of baby toys. She hit that turning point where she was ready to start reaching for things, looking in mirrors, watching toys wiggle and light up and roll. The toys proved highly entertaining for her siblings as well. I felt like I was training puppies or something – I had to give them time to go through the boxes, inspect each toy, bat them around a bit, circle back and play with the good ones a bit more, then tire of them.
  • A newborn no more… technically, at the end of the third month of life, a baby is no longer a newborn, but an infant. It’s appropriate, because in this month the baby does shift from tiny, always-sleeping cuddle bug to a little person with whom you can interact and whose personality starts to show. Fortunately, that personality is chill and happy for our little bug. She’s definitely a third child!


little-one-3-months_0001On the parenting side, the third month is beautiful for all of those reasons – the smiles, the physical developments, the interactions, the recognition. She’s just changing daily. These weeks, 9-12, are also challenging because I felt better, recovered, ready to start doing more, but life is still rather out of control. Her schedule is still evolving, night sleep is improving but not consistent, and there is still much time spent nursing and soothing. And I almost forget to account the latter into my day when planning, with so much run around for the other two kids. The end result is I accomplish far less than I hope to each day… challenging when mentally, you’re feeling back in the game and there is so much I want to do! (like writing a blog post on time…).

I spent a lot of this month trying to remind myself (and having others remind me) that I was only 12, 13 weeks postpartum, and I needed to slow down and cut myself some slack. So for now, focusing on this sweet girl needs to trump the to-do list.







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