Mother’s Day Preview – Grammy’s Photoshoot

Mother’s Day is just a month away! Leading up to that, I wanted to share a special shoot I did with my mom… I. LOVE. these. pictures.

I firmly believe it takes a village to raise a child, and my mom is the center of my village. She helps in so many ways — providing emotional support, a listening ear, and a sounding board when I’m baffled by my kids. She voluntarily takes them on Friday afternoons — when they’re in their most exhausted lunatic states — and will randomly come by and take laundry, drop off food, or just take the kids off my hands. Amazing, right?? That’s just the beginning of all she does.

When we were expecting our second baby, I had to find out the gender, because I needed to know if I was having a girl. I’m so close to my mom, I needed to know if I’d have a daughter of my own… so, this melts my heart:

Grammy & Granddaughter

After taking some impromptu photos of the kids cooking with Grammy, we made plans for a more composed shoot. Not exactly posed, but planned in advance for a sunny day at a kid-friendly time, all were thoughtfully dressed (but in their normal clothes), and we set it up her beautifully-lit living room that gets flooded with early afternoon light.

Grammy & Grandkids 1Grammy & Grandkids 3

Grammy & Kids 2

We even snuck in some solo shots with Littlest One… so special, since she rarely gets time by herself!

I am SO happy I have these photos, and I cannot wait to frame them for my kids and my mom (sorry, no surprise on the Mother’s Day gift there!).

Grammy & Baby Girl 1Grammy & Baby Girl 2Grammy & Baby Girl 3


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