Littlest One, 5 Months Old // Holy Growth Spurt!

Oh my goodness, the fifth month with Littlest One has been INTENSE! She has just been going through a developmental transformation, with changes and newness every day. Even though this is my third go around, it all happens so quickly and there is just so much to soak in… it feels like I’m climbing that infant mama learning curve all over again, and I am still in awe of every development.

Littlest One 5 Months - 6

Here’s what she’s been up to:

Roly Poly – She figured out how to roll from back to tummy one day, did it once or twice the next day, and then there was no stopping her. She wasn’t thrilled to be on her  tummy at first, but she couldn’t help but flip that way… when you heard the little whimper cries, you knew she was stuck on her tummy again.

Littlest One 5 Months - 5

Swaddle no more – Since she’s rolling, we had to drop the swaddle. Problem is, she likes being bundled up… YIKES. We tried the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit, which was only semi-magical for us. Basically there was a lot of fumbling and bumbling in the middle of the night as we tried different sleep wraps and zips and straight jackets and velcro devices, and I went back to getting up with her 3+ times a night. Yeah, I’m tired.

Chatty, chatty! She’s talking away, especially her big brother! Not just cooing, but long noises directed to other people or her toys. When she starts a conversation with you, you just stop in your tracks with a silly grin on your face and chatter back.

Littlest One 5 Months - 4

Bouncin’ away – This kid got her own new toy! We visited some dear friends over spring break, and LO tried out their BounceRoo. She was in heaven. Charlie pointed out, having a bouncer at home could be life-changing for me… this is my first baby I’m home with, so I’m learning how to engage and entertain her while still accomplishing (a few) things. Now I understand why people buy these things that take up a good quarter of your living room.

Our little puppy – LO cut her first tooth… an upper eye tooth. um???? The other one’s about to cut any day now, along with an upper center. Babies are supposed to get those at like 16 months, so this is just plain bizarre. Not to mention painful for her.

Littlest One 5 Months - 9

Sleep? Who needs sleep? We thought the sleep woes were due to the swaddle transition, but then I finally realized she was just going through a massive developmental spurt and wasn’t going to sleep regardless. She was too busy figuring how to roll, cutting teeth, talking with us, and growing. No time for sleep.

Littlest One 5 Months - 7Holy growth spurt!! I realized she was going through all of this, and I also had to switch her clothes to 6-9 month clothes because all of the sudden I couldn’t button 3-6 month ones. But I was still shocked to learn at her 5 mo. appointment that she’d grown 1 and 3/4 inches in a month, going from 50th to 95th percentile in height. Geez, girl! No wonder you weren’t sleeping!

Littlest One 5 Months - 8

Exhausting, but pretty amazing month. And I’m guessing these will be some of her last monthly crib shots where she’s lying down… so curious to see if we have a sitter by the end of Month 6!


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