Let’s Play! // Client Family Photo Session

It’s spring and family photo season is underway! The last month has been incredibly busy for me personally, so I’ve welcomed these sessions to pull me out of my to-do lists at home, get behind the camera, and connect with other families.

W Family of Four

This family was a blast to photograph. These two boys were energetic and silly and just plain fun to be around. It kind of felt like a playdate! The secret ingredient was that the whole fam was simply relaxed, and mom & dad really embraced the boys’ playful spirits. We played on the tree swing, the window seat inside, the slide, more swings, the yard… Really, this shoot was about embracing childhood and this stage of life, from the swingset backdrop to the boys’ temporary tattoos on their arms. The result was genuine smiles and authentic moments captured. Life as they know it right now.

W Family - Boys at Play

All that said, I also loved that we took the time to take photos of just mom & dad. We actually kicked things off by chatting about their engagement photo hanging in their living room — so telling! You’ve got to take a step back sometimes from the craziness of parenthood and remember where that crazy came from, how it started out as just the two of you. As parents, your children can become the center of your universe, and their little years go so quickly that you just want to sop it all up and catch every moment of it (um, my baby’s graduating from nursery school next week — !!!!). But don’t forget about the two of you – take a couple’s picture.

So my take-aways from this shoot? Embracing childhood and play yields fun, sweet, authentic photos. And, schedule a date night.

W Family - The Boys

W Family - Couple

W Family - Boys Portraits

W Family - Swingset Play


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