Baby Boy Makes Four // Client Newborn Session

So how sweet is this little guy??

Baby Boy D. in Family Bassinet

These peaceful newborn moments are simply the best. Second only to when baby cuddles up in against your chest… fitting perfectly against you like he’s always belonged there. Which this little guy also demonstrated for us during his session! He’s a mama’s boy already…

His mama was so relaxed and knew all his cues and desires – it’s always amazing to see how deeply a mama and baby connect, and how in sync a new mom can be with her little one, who only just entered her world. There’s the second child factor, too – it’s such a steep learning curve with the first baby, so you simply ‘get it’ with the second and can be so much more at ease as you learn and bond with your new little person.

The greatest challenge is navigating the new sibling dynamics, and oh my goodness, this big sis was so into her baby brother! It was adorable to see some of their expressions already mirror each other in their sibling shots. Before we know it, they’ll be running around the house chasing one another. But for now, enjoy those sweet snuggles, D. Family!

Baby Boy D. in his CribBaby Boy D. with MamaBig Sister Smitten with Baby Boy D.Baby Boy D.D. Family with Azaleas


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