Littlest One, 6 Months Old

Littlest One’s six-month mark flew by in an insanely, insanely crazy week, which I think is a good thing?? I didn’t have a second to get all mushy and sad that the first six months were over already, or freak out that before I know it, I’ll be planning my last baby’s 1st birthday party.

But now that I have time to pause and reflect, I’m totally okay with it. Maybe because I’m older and more easily tired, maybe because we’re juggling the needs of three, but I’m over the wakeful nights, and I’m so ready for her to be sitting up and playing with her big siblings. Which Littlest One is starting to do! Far earlier than big brother or sister, LO is pushing herself up on all fours, maneuvering herself around, finding things to reach for scoot towards and put in her mouth. And oh my goodness, her laughs! She giggles most for her big brother, whom she absolutely adores. He loves to talk to her and try to make her laugh (which he sometimes confuses with scaring her). Belle loves Littlest One but the affection isn’t always returned… But now I can genuinely say that the three of them can sit / lie down together, play, and enjoy each other’s company. I’ll take the six-month birthday.

Littlest One - Six Months 1Littlest One - Six Months 2Littlest One - Six Months 3Littlest One - Six Months 4Littlest One - Six Months 5Littlest One - Six Months 6


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