At Ease as a Family of 4 // Client Newborn Session

This family simply amazed me. They were so relaxed, so incredibly comfortable with their new status as a family of four. Their little guy arrived a bit early, and even so they seemed unfazed, seamlessly incorporating another tiny human’s needs into their daily routine.

Big sister was adjusting to her role so well, too! She was just great at handling her baby brother, and she was such a good listener (when told how to hold him, and how many more shots before she could have a gummy fruit snack… the best incentive for pictures!).

This little boy was super chill, and I think that really speaks to his parents’ sense of ease at having a newborn in the house again. Looking back over their pictures reminds me that our stress and mood as parents has such an impact on our kids. So tomorrow, I’ll try to set the to-do list stress aside (sorry, laundry) and sit down to read a book, draw with chalk, or play in the yard with my littles instead 🙂

Family of Four - 1Family of Four - 3Family of Four - 4Family of Four - 5Family of Four - 6Family of Four - 7Family of Four - 2Family of Four - 8


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