Littlest One, 7 Months Old // Sittin’ Pretty

Seven months – what a fun age!! I’ve been looking forward to the six-to-twelve month stage since we found out we were expecting. I just love it. Littlest One is growing by leaps and bounds, discovering new talents every day, interacting and communicating… This is when babies dish out smiles to strangers in the grocery store, finally able to ride around in the grocery cart seat like a royal in a carriage, waving their arms at everyone and everything and getting stopped on every aisle for a quick oh-and-ah conversation. I’m especially cherishing this time, because I know tantrums on the grocery store floor await me…

So what else do I want to remember about her 7th month?

  • Someone’s sitting up on her own! This is such a game changer. It opens up a whole new world of toys and things for LO to play with. And for me, it means I can set her down for a few seconds to put on shoes, grab a bite, brush my teeth, whatever, and she stays happy. Phew!!

Baby Girl 7 Months Old - 1

  • A whole lotta teething and no teeth to show for it… this babe is our hardest teether by far. Her upper gums have been SO swollen and we can see the teeth, but none coming through… we left her 6 mo. check up with the pediatrician thinking they’d come through any day, and at 7 mo. check up? still hadn’t cut. UGH. Hence the drool in the pics that I didn’t edit out, because that’s life right now. 

Baby Girl 7 Months Old - 2

  • Scootin’ around — the time came to clear out all the older kids’ tiny toys because LO is finding creative ways to inch herself across the floor. A combination of belly rocking, raises on all fours then flops down, and rolls get her across the floor. Her favorite target: Duplos.
  • A budding yogi — she hasn’t mastered crawling, but she can do a solid Downward Dog.

Baby Girl 7 Months Old - 5

  • More babysitter time — both she and I are getting used to more time apart, and that’s healthy for both of us! I want her to be comfortable with other caregivers, and I’m ready for some me time to focus on work, the other kids, myself. Speaking of…
  • Mama went away for the first time! I left town for three days/nights, and it was such a healthy thing to do. With the other two kids, I had work trips that took me away for the first time — in hindsight, those were good forcing functions. This time, I scheduled something 10 months ago with my mom, knowing LO would be six months old and both of us probably ready. I needed a few days without a baby attached to me, without feeling that tie and responsibility 24/7 (which I realize is largely because I choose to nurse her, so I’ve put that on myself). And LO could use time away from me, to bond with her daddy especially! I of course felt some stress and anxiety leading up to it, but once gone I relaxed, regrouped, and so enjoyed myself.

Baby Girl 7 Months Old - 3

Yes, there are teeth in the above pic, because I took these photos a few days after her 7 month birthday… and they finally cut!! 

Lastly, this girl is just growing, growing, growing! For the seventh month in a row, I can say we’re still not sleeping much… between the teething and the never-ending growth spurt, we can’t get through a night yet. But she’s so healthy and strong, and who doesn’t love chunky baby thighs???

Baby Girl 7 Months Old - 4


One Comment on “Littlest One, 7 Months Old // Sittin’ Pretty

  1. She is so beautiful. It is hard to believe she is 7 months old already. Thanks for the photos.


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