B is for Baby // Client Newborn Session

I was so, so very excited to meet this little babe! Her mama and I were coworkers and pregnant together with our first girls, and since then we’ve both shifted careers and moved. Fortunately, a trip to my in-laws brought me close to her in time for a newborn session.

We held the shoot on Baby B’s eight-week birthday. Early enough that we could still get some snuggly shots, but she spent most of the session awake and sweetly smiling, responding, and flashing her beautiful bright eyes.

Baby B in Crib

Her big sister is clearly so proud of her new role — I loved watching her show off her baby and her home. She’s an absolute doll, with the most beautiful soft brown curls framing her face, and she was just a dream to photograph for the sibling shots. Especially when we let them play and read together on the living room floor — life as this family knows it now, and it’s perfect.

Baby B and Sister

Baby B loved being curled up against her mama, the security and comfort she gets from being wrapped up in her mother’s arms so clear. And daddy was so proud of both his girls… I felt like every time he looked at her, he was just in awe of his new daughter.

Baby B and MamaBaby B and DaddyBaby B, Mama, Big Sis

This family is so well adjusted to being a family of four already… it just felt so natural and right. I am so happy I could see them, and I cannot wait to visit again the next time I’m in town!!

Baby B at home


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