Littlest One, 8 Months Old // Smocking Sweetness

Is there anything better than smocked outfits on a baby? Especially an eight-month old with rolls and dimples on her thighs, who’s crawling around everywhere with her toes curled under just so, arms flapping in excitement when she catches your eye…?? Eight months is the sweetest age.Littlest One, 8 Months Old - 3

The last month was a developmental blast for Littlest One — she cut six teeth (!!!), learned how to push herself up into a sitting position, and (drumroll, please…) mastered her crawling skills. Yay yay yay, my sweet girl!! She’d been scooting and rolling and just generally finding a way to get from point A to point B, but now, she’s a Master Crawler. I originally was displeased to see my third child learning to move so young (on our kids’ scale), but I’m over it. Because crawling babies are the cutest thing ever.

Littlest One, 8 Months Old - 6Littlest One, 8 Months Old - 2

Our definition of “baby proofing” has certainly changed from child #1 to #3. Now, it’s all about teaching the three year old that her magnetic doll dress pieces are strictly off limits anywhere but the dining room table. A rule that of course, being a threenager, she has to ignore. So baby proofing this time = taking away all the siblings’ toys with tiny pieces until we move, and we can have a designated space for the big kids. Or a baby pen. Yep, we’ll probably go there until we learn the in’s and out’s of our new house…

The big move (eh, it’s two miles away) next month means we only have one more photo session in LO’s nursery here! Bittersweet… which I’m sure I’ll sap all about next month. But for now, I’ll savor these shots of LO in her? my favorite smocked outfit.

Littlest One, 8 Months Old - 4Littlest One, 8 Months Old - 7Littlest One, 8 Months Old - 5

and a little preview… I’ve been taking these monthly pics, and I can’t wait to compile them all at her first birthday… but this one, I just loved, so I had to share early!

Littlest One, 8 Months Old - 1


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