Rocking and Rolling at 8 Months // Client Sitter Session

One thing I love about this job is it gives me a chance to catch up with friends of friends, who I met in our pre-kid days (theme parties? what are those?) and re-connected with over the years at mutual friends’ weddings, birthdays, kids’ birthdays, etc…

This family was especially fun to see because their baby girl and mine are just a month apart. At this seven / eight month stage, babies are developing so fast, seemingly changing every day. So while our babies are so alike, the differences stand out even more. We shared notes on teething, their strategies to get from A to B (she’s rolling, mine’s scooting and crawling), sleep habits, their sibling relationships, the annoyance of different clothing brands’ different sizing… and on and on. I think we’re all starting to get into a groove with our latest additions to our families, and this stage is really one to be enjoyed.

This baby girl is just a doll, she is so darn sweet. She was so happy during the entire session, such an easygoing baby. And the photo of her brother looking up at his daddy just melts my heart. Thank you, N. Family for inviting me to come capture your crew at this sweet stage!

Baby Girl N., 8 Months Old

N. Family - In the NurseryN. Family - Dad and his kidsN. Family - Baby Girl in her CribN. Family - Mama and Baby GirlN. Family


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