Littlest One, 9 Months // Family Bonding and Ready to Move!

Nine months… 9?!?!? That means we’re at our last monthly photo shoot in our old house, and 3/4 of the way to the one-year mark. Time, slow down!!

Nine Month Old Baby Girl - 4

During Littlest One’s ninth month we took two weeks of wonderful vacation visiting extended family and then spending time just the five of us in Cape Cod. It was simply wonderful. We loved watching great aunts and uncles and cousins meet Littlest One and her siblings — they quickly bonded and left a lasting impression on our kids. And the time together on the Cape was just heavenly. I picture our kids running/crawling around the little rental house’s backyard, in diapers and bathing suits, feeling free as can be, laughing, rolling around and tumbling together, playing chase, and giggling away.

This month for LO meant a lot of sibling bonding — she’s always taken most to her big brother, but I think she’s starting to warm up more to her big sis (who tends to be more physically affectionate with her…). She had so much time with her ‘dada’ in those two weeks’ vacation, and we’re pretty sure she’s starting to say that word to him, not just as her constant babble. She cut two more teeth, so the nights still aren’t going so great. She worked on her adaptability skills, as she stayed in various hotels and two rental houses. She started pulling herself up — I was so not ready for that!!

Nine Month Old Baby Girl - 2Nine Month Old Baby Girl - 3Nine Month Old Baby Girl - 1

And, she suffered through packing up our old house. At her last monthly crib shoot, we were packed. Totally packed, ready to move. It really threw her off and she hated the packers, but she gave me a few smiles… I can’t wait to see what month 10 brings in her new home!

Nine Month Old Baby Girl - 5



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