1. Kim S. says:

    This post is so relatable. My 2.5 year old daughter had a reaction to half of a cashew out of the blue one day. Ironically, it was a day after stocking up on Lara Bars (with cashews) for an upcoming vacation, which she’s had numerous times before. Just like your son, she had candy, chocolates, Nutella, etc. we never had an issue until that one day. It’s terrifying and overwhelming but I’m grateful to exist in a digital world that can bring so many people navigating these same rough waters together.

    • katehollingsphotography says:

      So scary!! I’m glad she’s okay! It’s so strange… I agree, we’re so fortunate to be in this world where we can connect with others, to give warning to others, and to be prepared with the right meds. And maybe this connectedness and broader information sharing will help lead to answers? We can only hope!

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